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LogServ Surface Logging Services is providing high-quality surface logging data with experienced personnel, newest high technology equipment and wide range equipment.

Geological studies are used for stratigraphic correlation on the field, reservoir identification and to recognize potentially problematic formations. Knowing the geology is essential for high-quality well control, drilling performance, and formation evaluation, and that is where the experience and in-depth knowledge of our Surface Logging Services team.

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Drugs Alcohol and Contraband Policy



LogServ Surface Logging is committed to providing a safe, healthy and efficient workplace for all



LogServ Surface Logging is concerned about factors affecting an employee’s ability to perform satisfactorily and recognizes that consumption of alcohol or other drugs can result in short term or long term

detrimental effects on an employee’s work performance. Due to the nature of the Company’s

operations, this could have serious effects on the safety and productivity of other employees, on the

environment, on the Company and on its clients.


It is the policy of LogServ Surface Logging to protect its employees, clients, assets, business reputation and the

environment from damage or accidents caused by employees affected by alcohol and other drugs.

For these reasons LogServ Surface Logging prohibits its employees from being affected by the consumption of alcohol or other drugs, whilst performing their duties or when reporting to their place of work to commence

their duties.

In furtherance of its stated policy LogServ Surface Logging bans the possession or consumption of alcohol and

prohibited drugs on or about all of its rigs, camps, yards, base locations and vehicles.

For certain job positions, an employee’s use of legal drugs that have the potential to influence the

employee’s behavior can pose a significant risk to the safety of the employee, other employees or the

general public. An employee may continue to work even though under the influence of a legal drug if

management has determined that the employee does not pose a threat to his or her own safety or the

safety of co-workers and that the employee’s job performance is not significantly affected by the legal


Failure to comply with LogServ Surface Logging’s Alcohol and Drug Policy will be cause for disciplinary action up to and including Termination.

The presence of Contraband items on Company premises or in an employee’s possession while on

Company business is prohibited. All Contraband items on Company premises shall be confiscated

and is a violation of LogServ Surface Logging policy.

Line Managers are responsible for ensuring that this Policy is implemented and maintained.

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