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Surface Logging Services

LogServ Surface Logging Services is providing high-quality surface logging data with experienced personnel, newest high technology equipment and wide range equipment.

Geological studies are used for stratigraphic correlation on the field, reservoir identification and to recognize potentially problematic formations. Knowing the geology is essential for high-quality well control, drilling performance, and formation evaluation, and that is where the experience and in-depth knowledge of our Surface Logging Services team.

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General Policy Statement

LogServ Surface Logging is a specialist field company focused on Mud Logging services.We manage in generally Turkey and also multiple countries,With experienced Mudlogging team,we provide to assist to drilling operations by examining drilling data,formation and content of hydrocarbon, optimizes drilling rates, reduces drilling costs, prevents some

HSSE Policy

HEALTH, SAFETY, SECURITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY   We are fully committed to being good environmental stewards and to ensuring the health, safety and security of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our management systems, policies and controls have been built on the tenets that: 1) All

Quality Policy

LogServ’s main goal is reaching perfection with increasing its quality to exceed customer expectations and more. LogServ’s goals are; giving service for provide customer expectations with adequate equipments and also the professional usage with experienced engineers and technicians, calculating the risks to prevent any problems on

IT Security and Data Integrity Policy

LogServ Surface Logging Services is determined to identify and reduce the risks of it’s own working system. With all the protection for datas and system, LogServ Surface Logging Services main goal is provide customers superior services. Strong system is the top priority of LogServ Surface Logging

Stop Work Policy

LogServ Surface Logging Services admit that our employees and other people involved in our activities have a right to safe and healty working environment, over and above being firmly attached to maintaining strong culture of risk consciousness. LogServ Surface Logging Services’ goals are optimum obviation of

Smoking Policy

SMOKING POLICY LogServ Surface Logging Services is committed to provide all employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Accordingly, certain areas have been declared non-smoking areas, including: Within 50 m of a well or other source of flammable vapor. Recreation and camp facilities (unless specified).

Drugs Alcohol and Contraband Policy

DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND CONTRABAND POLICY   LogServ Surface Logging is committed to providing a safe, healthy and efficient workplace for all employees.   LogServ Surface Logging is concerned about factors affecting an employee’s ability to perform satisfactorily and recognizes that consumption of alcohol or other drugs